Our Story

A Thousand and One Dāstan

Our Story

A Thousand and One Dāstan

eing a design house, Delkūk explores the architecture of fashion, seamlessly blending movement, and design, that is inspired by Persian heritage. Delkūk aims to redefine the realm of design and art, by intertwining the two, creating a platform that aims to empower artists and designers who share our ethos.

Delkūk explores this through sourcing, collaborating, and introducing their work in new environments alongside Delkūk products. The versatility of art and design products within the Delkūk space celebrates the individuality and personality of the different ethnic communities across the Iranian plateau.

Through this cultural engagement, Delkūk aims to be a powerhouse that provides a voice to the traditional art forms that may have started to be forgotten. This continuous learning, research and preservation of cultural identity is what Delkūk stands for.

Within this collection, the range of designs has been inspired by the diverse tapestry of this region.

The design team incorporated lesser-known tribal and ethnic craftsmanship within the production of the pieces, to add a sense of authenticity and continuity.

To ensure the designs remained authentic, the founder of Delkūk personally travelled to both regional and rural communities across six years, immersing herself in the different textiles and designs that originated in a pre-modernist lifetime.

In doing so, textiles are meticulously sourced from local and small family workshops or are woven as a result of joint venture projects; Delkūk being one end and the weaver being on the other.

Furthermore, collaborative preservation remains at the forefront of Delkūk’s vision, by engaging in restorative projects with artisans including the use of ancestral styles of embroidery, ethnic styles of weaving, organic and natural dyeing, felt making and modernised and minimalized ceremonial garment styles to name a few.

The designs do not intend to replace the ancestral garments but to gracefully integrate the designs into everyday life in a modern setting. Delkūk embodies a harmonious blend of heritage and modernity to express both a unique cultural identity, as well as a contemporary artistic vision.


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